Define User Group.

Define starting point and framework for the user analysis.


The strategic decision with regard to the potential user group and the respective product goal forms the basis for detailed customer analyses and for uncovering user-specific experience potentials.


Define the potential user group based on market analyses and market prognoses. Provide definitions with the help of the following categories: Region, Product Segment, Brand Image and Sigma Milieu.



The Customer Expert


The Storykeeper


Definition of a user group



Management assigns a project order to the storykeeper.

Internal + External Analysis

At the beginning of the project it is important to clarify how your own company as well as competitors are positioned in the market. For this purpose, benchmarking concerning the following internal and external properties is necessary:

  • Coverage of target markets
  • Product portfolio
  • Sigma milieus of the target groups
  • Existing brand images

With this method important customer-oriented improvement potentials in the various sectors are uncovered.


The next step predicts how the four categories will develop over the next few years (during a product life cycle):

  • Where are upcoming markets?
  • Will there be new market segments?
  • How do the needs of potential users change?
  • How do Sigma milieus and purchasing power develop?
Strategic Decision

Define the marginal conditions for the potential user group based on the analysis and prediction results.

  • What is the target region?
  • Where should the new product be positioned on the market? Which segment in the product portfolio will be taken?
  • Will an existing brand image be used, modified or diversified?
  • From which Sigma milieu do potential users come?

The defined parameters help to localize the user group (in terms of age, purchasing power, level of education, etc.).


Potential user group (Region, Product Portfolio Segment, Brand Image, Sigma Milieu).


  • The definition of the user group at this time is relatively broad and abstract. It is a strategic management decision.
  • It is now possible to analyze the real user in the next steps and to describe user groups as well as a Car Persona in detail.
  • Later analysis results may require corrections to the defined user group.
  • When definining the potential target group it is important to note: buyers, users and projected image of the user do not always match. Who or what do you want to address with the new product?


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